VegasCampers Operations Guide

Here's how to make our customers feel awesome about their camper van rental experience with us!


Welcome and 'The Customer Journey'

Van Information

You will need to reference this information so that when a renter communicates with you, you can give them the correct info about the correct van.

Each van below is arranged as follows:

#orderofpurchase: Listing title - Nickname - initials, Google calendar color
Year - license plate number, dedicated web page for renters. 

#1: Perfect Camper Van - The Baby Beluga - BB - Charcoal
2017 Promaster City - Plate: BBYLUGA -

#2: Amazing Camper Van - The Red Rooster - RR - Cherry
2018 Promaster City - Plate: R3WST3R -

#3: Fabulous Camper Van - The Electric Mouse - EM - Peacock
2020 Promaster City - Plate: MOUSVAN -

#4: Stellar Camper Van - Panda - PP - Sage
2020 Promaster City - Plate: PPANDAA -

#5: Incredible Camper Van - Little Bear - LB - Amethyst
2018 Promaster City - Plate: OSOITO -

#6: Phenomenal Camper Van - Silver Fox - SF - Mango
2019 Promaster City - Plate: FOXYVAN -

#7: Spectacular Camper Van - Orca - OR - Graphite
2020 Promaster City -
 Plate: ORCAVAN -

#8: Marvelous Camper Van - Sharkey - SK - Flamingo
2019 Promaster City - 
Plate: SHARKEY -

#9: Glorious Camper Van - Lemur - LM - Banana
2021 Promaster City - Plate: LEMUR -

**The lockbox code for all vans is currently: 3218

Overview of Responsibilities

Ensure vehicles ready for pickup

Set up with wheelbase account

Reschedule customers based on car availability

Handle insurance claims / repairs start to finish

Handle repairs for RV components (take to Affordable RV repair)

Approve mileage charges and ‘close out’ customers (when CS sends)

Stock all supplies in advance

Manage cleaning teams 


Daily Work Overview

Using the Calendars

Using the Calendars

Handling Insurance Claims

Initiate a claim

Approach to Communications

You're always happy to hear from them and excited for their trip. 

Glad to hear --> tell me more! --> get their dates --> offer to send a quote

Send them to the video and ask for their trip dates. Once you have trip dates, send them a quote.

FAQ Questions from Pre-Bookings

At this point in their journey, they don't know that there is an FAQ page. They also don't know about the training video page. So, we are more lenient / friendly / explanatory. We are trying to help them get booked! 

Use this adjusted FAQ template. If there isn't an FAQ question answering their concern, email me so I can make it. 

Hey XXX!

Great question and I'm excited to send you on an adventure!


Feel free to watch the tour and check VegasCampers dot com / faq because we've posted answers to nearly every renter question we've ever been asked! It's an awesome resource. Of course, if something isn't listed there, you're always free to message us. 

May I ask the dates of your trip (OR ASK ANOTHER QUESTION)? I'll check what's available!

- Angela


Message Series Based on Departure Date

They're excited for their trip! It's your job to give them an easy checkout experience and keep their excitement going! They may be stressed about travel and have a lot on their minds, so be gentle but remain firm about what we need from them before they are allowed to depart.

7 Days Prior to Departure Message

1. Add customer's name

2. Delete all requests that the customer doesn't need to see

3. Adjust the pickup time in the message according to "standard pickup" or "early pickup." 

3 Days Prior to Departure Message

1. Add the customer's name

2. Delete the requests that we already have. We're ONLY asking for the info we don't have yet.

1 Day Prior to Departure Message

1. In ClickUp, open the customer's record and load the '1 day prior to departure' template message.

2. Adjust the pick-up and drop-off time in the template

3. Add the license plate of their van

4. Adjust any other fields necessary. 

5. Hit send and mark the task complete.

Day of Departure Message

You will receive a notification when the photos have been uploaded. It's recommended that you start this task only at that time. 

1. Complete the 'Day of departure' verifications checklist. This is how we double-check our work one last time.

- Check the driver verification and insurance in Outdoorsy. 

- Check the safety quiz in either ClickUp or by searching gmail. Don't forget to hit the 'archived/spam' button if you can't find it. 

- Add the renter's departure mileage based on their departure photos. 

2. Click the 'comment' field, click the 'email icon, and load the 'day of departure' message template. 

3. Adjust the necessary fields and click 'send' 

4. Mark the task as complete in ClickUp. 

5. Wait for the status to change to 'happily on trip.' 

6. Hit refresh on your browser and change the 'due date' to match the day of the renter's drop off date. 

7. Click the green button to re-map the subtasks so that the dates adjust accordingly. 

8. Manually change the 'day after departure' subtask due date to be due tomorrow

Adjusting 'Pre-Departure' Customer Info as it Arrives

Follow these instructions to keep track of customer information as it arrives.

Welcome Email Response Template

When a customer replies to our welcome email, they are giving the specific information we've requested. Here's the template for your reply: 

Ahh, you're going to have a blast! Those are great destinations! Be sure to check out travel guides at vegascampers dot com / guidebook if you'd like some additional ideas. 
I've got your pickup and drop off times noted. Let me know if anything changes! 
 We'll be in touch about a week before your trip. It's coming up fast and we're excited for you! 

Getting the Digital Agreement Signed

Every customer must sign the digital agreement before they can depart.

Getting Drivers Verified and Recording It

It's important that we mark who is verified as a driver.

Add Early Pickup or Late Dropoff

Here is how to add an early pickup, late dropoff, or both to a reservation.

1. Make sure their extension is available by checking the calendar for conflicts. 

2. Find the reservation in wheelbase and click 'edit'

3. Add the appropriate add-on(s) by clicking the 'add existing add-on' button. Click 'save changes' and confirm it's on the reservation.

4. Change the renter's pickup or dropoff time in clickup. 

5. Change the 'clean by' date in clickup if it is affected.

6. Change the pickup or dropoff times in Google calendar

7. Adjust this message and send it to the renter: 

I have set up your pickup to be XXXPICKUPDATEANDTIMEXXX or later and your dropoff is XXXDROPOFFDATEANDTIMEXXX. You are all set!! 🙂 I'm excited for your trip and we'll be in touch as it get's closer. Let me know if you have any further questions beyond what's in the FAQ at vegascampers dot com / faq. Yahoo! 

Change Booking Dates

Here's how to change a renter's reservation when they request it:

1. Check to see if the dates they requested are available and there are no pickup/dropoff conflicts. 

--  If the dates are not available, check to see if they're available with a different van. If so, follow the 'swapping vans' process.

-- If the dates are available, proceed to step 2

2. Open their reservation in Wheelbase and calculate the nightly rate they paid in Wheelbase. Make a note of it.

3. If they are adding or subtracting two or more nights, they need to be penalized 25% of the cost of the canceled nights. 

For example if their nightly rate was $130 and they cancel two nights, they are penalized 25% of $260 = $65. If they were to cancel 3 nights, they would get penalized 25% of 360 = $97.5. 

If they are only canceling 1 night, go to step 4. 

4. Accept the date change request in Wheelbase if it exists. 

If they have not made the request, ask the customer to make the request. Otherwise, you will need to manually change the reservation and calculate the new price by adding or subtracting the nightly rate they booked at. To do this, click 'edit' in their reservation, calculate the new amount and change the dates and click 'save.' Don't forget to apply pricing discounts for 5-9 nights = 10% off. 10-13 nights = 15% off. 14 or more nights = 20% off. 

* if you aren't 100% sure, comment your math on the customer chat area in clickup and @john Beede. 

5. Update google calendar to reflect the new dates. Be sure to move the pickup and dropoff times along with updating the trip.

6. Update the customer record in Clickup to reflect the new dates

7. Update the cleaning schedule 'clean by' dates. 

-- If the start date changed, update the PRIOR renter's 'clean by' date if needed. 

-- If the return date changed, update this customer's 'clean by' date if needed.

8. Message the renter to let them know we successfully updated their reservation. Use this template: 

Hey XXXCUSTOMERENAMEXXX! I successfully updated your reservation and updated the nightly rate accordingly. You are all set on our end for a XXXPICKUPTIMEXXX pickup on XXDATEXX and a XXDROPOFFTIMEXX drop off XXDROPOFFDATEXX. Yahoo!! 🙂 - XXXYOURNAMEXXX

Swapping Vans

Chat with outdoorsy

Answering Questions

FAQ Answered Question:

Hey XXX!


For future questions, please check VegasCampers dot com / faq because we've posted answers to nearly every renter question we've ever had! It's an awesome resource. Of course, if something isn't listed there, message us! 

- Angela

Answer not in the FAQ:

Hey XXX!

Great question! 

Let me check with John about that and get back with you ASAP. 

- Angela

and send and email to John

Hey John! A renter asked a question that's not in the FAQ. Would you please reply with an answer to their question? It's: 

I'll send it to them as soon as I hear back from you. 

Handling Cancellations


Things happen and sometimes renters have to cancel. That's ok. We always follow the cancellation policy exactly. We are not a travel insurance company, so we cannot give full refunds for renters who cancel. We still have expenses for every rental, such as your wages, scheduling our cleaning team, and when someone has blocked dates off the booking calendar, it means we can't book someone else for that timeframe. It's really expensive for us to have someone cancel. That's why we must keep to our cancellation policy. 

Step 1: IMPORTANT: Check to see if they booked via outdoorsy or from our website. Check their 'source' in the bottom right of their reservation. 

A) If it says 'Outdoorsy,' they must cancel themselves. Please ask them to cancel via their reservation in Outdoorsy. Please do not cancel them yourself! Use this message: 

We're super sad to hear that you need to cancel. Because you booked via Outdoorsy, you will also have to cancel yourself via their platform. Click on your reservation and there should be a cancellation link. If you have issues, call their support number or open an chat with their representatives. We unfortunately can't cancel Outdoorsy bookings ourselves. Again, we're bummed to hear it, but we will need to follow the 'moderate' cancellation policy that was agreed to.

B) If it says 'web' or 'dealer site,' it was a booking from our website. MESSAGE JOHN SO HE CAN MAKE A VIDEO SHOWING THE PROCESS

In that case, we can cancel them by clicking the 'cancel reservation' red button in the upper right of their reservation. Then, you must choose the appropriate refund amount according to how far away their reservation is. You must follow the
moderate cancellation policy

You will choose to give them a full refund (ONLY if its the same day as they made the reservation)
A 25% partial refund 
(if after 24 hours of booking and more than 7 days prior to their trip)
A 50% partial refund (if within 7 days of their trip departing) 

Step 2: After they've canceled, please send the following message

We are super sad that you have canceled your trip! If there is anything we can do to assist you with getting rebooked, please let us know. We would still love to have you as a guest in the future, and we wish you the best of luck with your changed plans. 
Unfortunately, we will have to stick to the “moderate” cancellation policy that was agreed to. If you purchased separate travel insurance, they may be able to refund you!
Wishing you the best, let us know if you’d like to reserve for a future date.

Editing the credit card on file

If a customer needs to edit the credit card they have on file

1) Call the customer. 

2) In Wheelbase, find the customer's reservation, click 'payment methods' and click 'add payment method' 

3) Enter the details they provide including card number, expiration date, CVC code, and zip code. 

4) Save the details and make this their default card. 

Day of Departure Tasks

When a customer's departure day arrives, you will need to complete these steps for every renter who departs: 

Start by double-checking that we have all the information we need from them in wheelbase.

If anything is RED it's missing and the customer cannot depart until it's green. 

Everything in GREEN, we have what we need. 

a. Did they sign the digital agreement in Wheelbase?

b. Is their safety quiz completed (check gmail, not clickup)

c. Are all drivers verified?

d. Is their insurance approved?

c. Do we have their 'departure photos' in the previous renter's 'after' folder?

f. Complete the wheelbase 'Check In' including their departure mileage (see photos for mileage)

3) Send the customer their 'day of departure' message, including anything unique to their van. 

4) Change the customer's 'due date' to become their 'dropoff date.' Be sure to click the green button and 'adjust subtask dates.' 

That's it! After that, we consider a renter 'on trip' because after these steps, it's up to the renter to find the van and depart. Occasionally, they will have a question or concern, so please keep an eye out for message alerts from them. 

'On Trip' Experience

Message Series for 'On Trip' Experience

We want them to have a great time and we've set them up for that! Now we keep our distance and let them enjoy. 

Day After Departure Message

Here, you're checking in with the renter. Adjust the template and send!

Day Before Return Message

They need to get the instructions for checkout. It doesn't matter how, so long as they know the information. That's why we send them a message with the instructions and a link to 

Note that they automatically get an SMS text message as well.

Day of Return Message

The renter is supposed to message us once they've returned the van. 

Therefore, we send them one of these two messages after their return time:

A. If they dropped off on time and sent us a message to confirm

reply with ON TRIP: Van Dropped on Time

Mark the task complete AND 

--> 'Check off' that the van was dropped off in the checklist. 

That will move the renter to the 'Checkout' status.

B. If they have not let us know they've returned by the drop-off time, 

i. check Bouncie to see where they are

ii. If they are not back, send: ON TRIP: Van Late for Dropoff.


a. mark their late drop off in Clickup so that we can charge them - $50 if it doesn't interrupt anyone, $fullday if it does.

b. Check the cleaning calendar to see if this will cause a problem. If so, text the cleaning crew. 

c. Check with the rental schedule to see if this will inconvenience other renters. If so, make a plan.

iii. If the van is at the drop-off location, send: 

ON TRIP: Van Dropped, On Time and simply change the first sentence to "I see that the van was dropped off..."

Mark the 'van returned' checkbox as complete.

Answering Van Feature Questions

FAQ Answered Question:

Hey XXX!


For future questions, please check VegasCampers dot com / faq because we've posted answers to nearly every renter question we've ever had! It's an awesome resource. Of course, if something isn't listed there, message us! 

- Angela

Answer not in the FAQ:

Hey XXX!

Great question! 

Let me check with John about that and get back with you ASAP. 

- Angela

and send and email to John

Hey John! A renter asked a question that's not in the FAQ. Would you please reply with an answer to their question? It's: 

I'll send it to them as soon as I hear back from you. 

Setting up Google Drive 'Before' and 'After' Photos

Google Drive 'Before' and 'After' Photos

1. Open Google drive

2. Go to the 'cleaning photos' folder

3. Select the van nickname that the renter has taken

4. Create two folders named: 




*Date is the day of the renter's return. 

5. Copy the link for the 'before' folder and paste it into the 'before photos' field in clickup. 

6. Copy the link for the 'after' folder and paste it into the 'after photos' field in clickup. 

Add 'Next Renter' Names

Add Names of Next Renters

When a rental is about to return, we add the first names of the next renter(s) so that the cleaning crew can write a welcome note on the whiteboard. Here's how to do it:

1. Locate the name of the current renter

2. Go to Google Calendar and look for their reservation

3. Look for the next renter's name by finding the next reservation with the same color

4. Go to the next renter's record in ClickUp and look at the 'partner name' field. 

5a. If you know they are traveling with someone but don't have a partner name, send them this message: 


I'd like to leave you and your travel partner a little welcome note! May I please ask their name? 

Also, they aren't listed as a verified driver. If they won't be driving, no problem whatsoever. If they'll drive at all, however, we need them to be verified. 

Thank you!


5b. If you aren't sure if they are traveling with someone, don't send the message at all - one name is fine. 

6. Go BACK to the original renter's record and enter either both people's first names or just the one renter's name in the 'next renters' field.

That's it! Now the cleaning crew knows who to write a welcome note to on the whiteboard when they do their cleaning.

Handling Problems / Broken Camper Features

If a renter reports that something in the camper isn't working correctly or is broken:

- This does NOT include mechanical / lockout / engine issues. Those are 'roadside assistance.' This is only for items in the van and features for the camper van. 

 1. Look for the answer before proceeding. 

- Is their question in the FAQ? 

- Is their question covered in the training videos? 

- Is it covered in the training manual? 

2. Offer a solution to the renter only if you know the answer.

- Don't send them to the FAQ or the training videos unless you know that the answer is in those places. The renter is already frustrated or worried. Don't make it worse by sending them to a resource where there is no solution.

3. If you don't know the answer, get more information. 

Ask them for photos and get a full description of what's happening if they haven't already sent it. 

Message the renter:


I'm going to reach out to John on this one. In the meantime, would you please text a couple of photos to 702-608-1545 and message any other relevant details? I'll be sure to pass them along to John. 

4. Then message John: 

Hey John, a renter is having an issue with XXVANNAMEXX. Here's what they said: 


I've attached their photos of the issue. 

Will you please reply to them or let me know what to tell them? 

- Angela 


5. Report the issue in their ClickUp notes so that they can be charged accordingly. 

This gives us a record of the issue for their checkout process.

Accidents / Damages / Mechanical / Roadside Assistance / Key Issues

How to handle accidents, roadside assistance, and mechanical issues 

- This does NOT include anything with the RV/Camper build. Those are 'Handling Problems / Broken Camper Features.' This is only for the engine, car components, lockouts, accidents, etc.

1. Ensure that everybody is OK and safe. 

If they are not in a safe location or if someone needs medical attention, advise that they do those things first. We cant offer medical attention and we can't help them until everyone is safe.

2. Make sure they follow the steps listed in the Vanual and videos

DON'T send them to the videos. Walk them through the steps. Watch the video and read the vanual. Ask them to do those things, one by one. 

3. Make sure that Outdoorsy knows about the issue and is helping the renter.

Open a chat with outdoorsy and ask that they get in touch with the renter to help them resolve the issue. 

4. THEN, AFTER all of those things are taking place, contact John to let him know what's being done to solve the issue.

Until those things happen, there is nothing that he can do to help the renter.

5. Report the issue in their ClickUp notes so that they can be charged accordingly or moved to 'insurance claim,' if needed.

Checkout Process

Checkout Process Overview

They're tired after their trip and have lived in a small space for many days! They're excited to get home and rest. However, this is where we can lose a LOT of money because of damages and mileage, so follow these steps very closely while being supportive of customers. Always tell them that they had a GREAT experience!!

Day of Return Message

They're tired after their trip and have lived in a small space for many days! They're excited to get home and rest. However, this is where we can lose a LOT of money because of damages and mileage, so follow these steps very closely while being supportive of customers. Always tell them that they had a GREAT experience!!

Check 'Bouncie' for Off-Road Driving

1. Log in to

2. Click the name of the van they rented

3. Click the date (in bold) of the first day of their trip. 

4. Track their trip that day and look for unusual roads. Zoom in to see the roads. These are often lines into the middle of the desert, squiggly, winding lines, and the last place they stop on any given day. 

5. Screenshot if you find off-pavement driving and update their record in clickup. 

6. Repeat this process for each day of their trip. 

Day After Return Message

IMPORTANT! Not in video: Check to see if they already left a review before sending. If they did, delete that part of the email from the template.


Awesome renter! Recommended to other hosts!

XXXXNAMEXXXX was a great guest because they took great care of my van, left it clean and tidy, and was a great communicator I’d be glad to host them again anytime.

XXXXNAMEXXXX was an amazing guest. Communication was as smooth, the van was left in great condition, and the rules were respected. I hope to host them again in the future!

I recommend XXXXNAMEXXXX to other hosts. My experience with them was great. Communication on Outdoorsy was good and they followed checkout instructions well.

It was my pleasure hosting XXXXNAMEXXXX. They respected my van's rules, communication ran smoothly, and most importantly, super friendly! Highly recommended.

XXXXNAMEXXXX was a great guest! They took great care of the camper, left it clean, respected the rules and were friendly to message with. I’d be glad to host them again anytime.

I loved having XXXXNAMEXXXX because they were great communicaters and treated my van with respect. Us and any host would be lucky to have them again!

I enjoyed hosting XXXXNAMESXXXX. Our experience was smooth from the beginning to the end. Recommended and I hope to have the opportunity to host themagain!

Enter Return Mileage

You will receive an email alert when the photos have been uploaded. After that, follow these steps.

Give Renter Review

Give the renter a 5 star review unless they've been flagged.

Send Security Deposit Charge for Approval

Complete this template with the renter's information in clickup. Send it to a manager for approval.

I’m glad you had such a great trip and hope you’ve arrived home safely!
Here’s a breakdown of your mileage:
Returned with XXENDMILESXX
Difference of XXMILESOVERXX @ .35c/mile = $XXMILESCOSTXX
I’m releasing your security deposit minus that amount. You should receive the remainder back in about 7 days after outdoorsy releases it. It’s up to them from here forward, so please get in touch with them about any questions about when exactly it will arrive.  
XXXXIF SECURITY CHARGES = YES: Additionally, because of XXXCOPYFROMDESCRIPTIONXX, we need to retain $COST. That, plus the mileage brings the total to XXXX. XXXX

Thanks again for renting and so glad you had such a great time! 🙂
- Angela

Charge from Security Deposit

Here's how to charge a customer for mileage and other security deposit charges:

After receiving approval for a security deposit charge, charge the renter and send the approved message

1. In Wheelbase, go to 'reservations' and 'returned' 

2. Choose the renter and click 'manage security deposit'

3. Subtract the amount they are to be charged from $500. 

Eg: if a customer is to be charged $100, they they get refunded $500-$100=$400. 

4. Go to clickup email templates and copy the 'Checkout: Mileage / Security Deposit' template. Paste it onto the Wheelbase message

5. Edit the template to match their details.

6. Send and charge the renter. 

7. Mark the task as complete in Clickup. 

Insurance Claim - Known Damage

If there's damage to the camper that needs to be taken to a body shop or sent to Outdoorsy's claim team for appraisal,

1. Describe the damage in the renter's notes.

2. Change the renter's insurance status. That will move them to the 'insurance' claim process.

3. Continue to complete the checkout steps for the renter. They need to be checked out AND go through the insurance process.

Customer disagrees with charge

Unfortunately, it's usually the customers who cause the damage who also disagree that they've caused it. 

When a customer disagrees with a charge

1. Send them the before/after photos proving the damage or reason for the charge didn't exist prior to their departure.

2. Be firm but polite and say that we wish we didn't have to charge them but this is what we believe is fair to cover our time and costs.

Charging a customer

Pet cleaning charge

Pets are not allowed in the vehicles. There's a $250 cleaning fee as the base minimum charge and potentially the entire security deposit lost if there's additional damage. If you find evidence of a pet:

Take plenty of photos and attach them to the customer record in Clickup

Add appropriate fees in the 'notes' section

Send a comment to @CustomerService with the appropriate charges in this template: 

Unfortunately, we found an excessive amount of XXXDESCRIBETHEPETEVIDENCEXXX. We're charging your card for the mileage plus applicable taxes. Unfortunately, we were surprised by an excessive amount of pet hair throughout the vehicle. It took the cleaning team a very long team to remove the hairs and we had to pay them for their additional time and effort. We don't allow pets for this reason and this is clear in our terms of service, so we need to deduct a XXX$250 pet cleaning fee from your security deposit/OR assess the chargeXXX You should see the remainder back in your account in 3-5 business days.

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