VegasCampers Checkout Instructions

Please follow the checklist below for an easy and "fee free" checkout!
Hope you've had an amazing trip! 

Please Follow these checkout Steps:
Remove all extra food
Remove all extra stuff (eg: firewood and water bottles)
Empty the trash
Sweep the floor
Wipe down surfaces
Spray and wipe out refrigerator. Turn it off
Completely fill gas tank within 1 mile of return
Completely fill the water jug
Leave linens and towels zipped up in their respective bags. Bags in roof rack.
Close and magnetize curtains
Put sun reflector in windshield
Upload any photos you'd like to document via Outdoorsy
Lock the car, lock the keys in the lock box, lock the the roof box to the rear passenger roof rack. 
Message us to let us know you've returned and advise of any lost/broken items.

We sure hope you had an amazing time!
We also hugely appreciate your positive review of the van on Outdoorsy. Thank you!!

Looking for the training page? It's here.