How to Safely Use... Everything!

Show up confident and prevent accidental damage by taking this training course.

Please note: watching these videos and passing the safety quiz is required prior to picking up your van.

Key Pickup, Access, & Driving

Getting the Keys + Roof Box Safety

Find the van and use the storage safely

Visibility + Curtain Management

See while driving, avoid curtain damage.

Height, Clearance, Dirt Roads, & Driving

Where you can and can't safely go.

Pre-Driving Checklist

Do this stuff before you drive, every time.


Solar Power and the Charging Station

How to charge your stuff.

Lighting Options

All your options to see at night.

The Bed, Couch, and Comfort

The Bed, Couch, and Linens

Convert the couch to a bed and vice versa.

Temperature Control

How to warm up and cool off.

The Awning

How to stand up this real slim shady.

Kitchen and Stove

The Sink and Water

Refill the jug and prevent sink damage

The Stove

How to not burn everything down.

The Refrigerator

Keep it chill, yo.

The Shower

Wet portable power for your cleaning pleasure.

Dishes and Extras

I got 99 problems and a lack of stuff aint one.

Charges and Checkout

Mileage, dirt roads, lost/broken items

The most common charges & how to avoid.

In case of accident/breakdown.

In the unfortunate event...

Checkout Instructions

Please follow these dropoff steps

All Set? Take the Short Quiz

Pass this short quiz and your lockbox code will be emailed to you instantly!
Don't worry, it's open book!

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Update: Taller, sturdier ladder is now stored at the rear entrance, along with the table.


UPDATE: November, December, Jan, Feb and March, you WILL also get this indoor safe heater:

In winter, I recommend ordering this electric blanket which plugs into the cigarette lighter 12v power plugs.


Congratulations!  You've made an awesome decision by deciding to rent my fully stocked miniature home on wheels. You're going to have the trip of a lifetime!

To keep you safe, me happy, and both of us from having to deal with unnecessary charges, you are required to watch each and every one of these training videos and pass a short quiz. That's how you get the lockbox code. 

Don't worry! The videos are short and fun and you even get this fancy van manual as your cheat sheet! Please set aside 1 hour before your arrival to go through these trainings and take the quiz.

You most likely won't have cell service while traveling in many places, so please consider downloading the entire vide playlist on this page.


*Note that mileage charges have been updated. 100 miles per DAY are included. Just add 100 miles to the number of nights you're renting for. Eg: Rent for 3 nights and 400 miles are included, rent for 5 nights and 600 miles are included. Your rental agreement reflects this.