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(Actually, these are ACTUALLY asked questions about the camper vans. If your question isn't listed here, please get in touch with us via Outdoorsy.)

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Booking Questions

How does insurance work? Do I have to buy insurance?

You are responsible for the vehicle and its belongings for the entire time it is in your possession. 

I require that you have at-fault insurance coverage (comprehensive insurance). Outdoorsy offers packages (I can’t see the pricing). Your personal insurance or the credit card you book with may cover you as a backup, but I recommend you use Outdoorsy’s insurance to ensure full coverage.

I have my own collision insurance. Can I use that instead of Outdoorsy's packages?

I totally get that Outdoorsy's insurance packages can add a lot to the final price. However, we highly, highly recommend using Outdoorsy's insurance... despite not getting a penny from it. Your personal insurance and/or the credit card you book with most likely does not cover an RV rental.

If you are dead-set on using any insurance other than Outdoorsy's, you will need to obtain an insurance binder from the third-party insurance company for securing liability insurance that's specific to my vehicle (Ram Promaster City) AND the customized camper van build out (additional $15k). Outdoorsy will then need to approve the binder. It's a lengthy process that takes many days and rarely works out. In my opinion, it's not worth the time and risking losing your desired trip dates vs. using one of Outdoorsy's insurance packages.

How do I get verified as a driver? 

Every person driving the vehicle must be verified and insured. Follow Outdoorsy's instructions in your Outdoorsy app or website. There is a link in outdoorsy where you can verify yourself as a driver. Once outdoorsy approves you, it will show on my end. I have n control or influence over the process, so please follow their instructions: 

Do you know why it continues to say drivers license identification failed?

Reach out to outdoorsy, please. It’s their decision. You must be verified in order to take a vehicle. 

What does  "24/7 roadside assistance" consist of? Is that like through AAA or something?

Outdoorsy offers a roadside assistance package. It functions like AAA for your trip.

I’m not 25. Can I rent the vehicle? 

Unfortunately, you need to be 25 or older at the time of the rental. It's federal law and not up to me, unfortunately.

What’s the difference between the vans?

All of the vans are exactly the same, barring color, curtains, mileage, and year. It’s up to your preference! 

Would you recommend one van over the other?

Nope. It's all your preference of color and curtains. That's the only difference.

I see that no dirt roads are allowed. Can you clarify?

To be honest, I'm unfortunately pretty strict about my 'no off-pavement' policy because I've had some really terrible experiences with past renters causing thousands of dollars in damages to my vans. You can drive LESS than a 1/4 mile each way to and from a campground at under 10mph. Any more than this will result in the loss of your security deposit.  The vans are tracked by GPS and motion detectors that alert us when they sense the bumps... so we will know. We really don't want to have to charge you, but the damage that's inevitably caused makes this a requisite. Thanks for understanding!

Can I bring my dog?

I’m sorry, but no pets are allowed. Bringing pets will result in the full loss of your security deposit. 

Is the free 125 miles per day bankable, or is it a “use it , or lose it” policy?

Your mileage is a cumulative total across your entire trip. EG: 125 x the number of nights you rent :-). Another EG: if you rent for 5 nights, 5x125=625 aggregate miles are included. Everything beyond that would be $.35c / mile.

Pickup / Returns:

What time is pickup and dropoff?

Regular pickup time is 3pm or later. $50 gets you 4 additional hours (if available), so earliest possible would be 11am. Anything earlier requires the previous night's rental. Please choose the 'early pickup' option at checkout.

Drop off time is 11am or earlier. $50 gets you 4 additional hours (if available), so latest possible would become 3pm. Anything  later requires the next night’s rental. Please choose the 'late drop off' option at checkout.

Where do I find the training videos?

Please go to Set aside 1 hour to watch the training videos in their entirety and pass the short quiz before you depart. Doing so is required before you can get the code to the key lockbox.

From the time we land, how long does it take to get to the pickup location?

From the time you touch down, you should plan on 60-90 minutes to arrive at the van. That's a rough estimate of time to de-plane, walk through the terminal, get your checked bags, walk to the rideshare location, and time in rideshare (and assuming no delays). So, if you land at 2pm, you would be at the pickup location between 3:00pm-3:30pm. 

How do we get to the van?

From the airport, it's a super quick and easy 12 minute Uber/Lyft/Taxi to the pickup location.

Do you offer airport or hotel delivery / dropoff? 

No, I don't. It's a super quick and easy 12 minute Uber/Lyft/Taxi to the pickup location.

Where will I find keys to the vehicle?

There will be a lock box attached to the roof rack. Keys will be inside! You'll be given the code after passing the very short quiz and signing the rental documents.

Is there somewhere for us to leave our car? 

You can leave the car in the parking lot where you pick up the vehicle. It’s a generally safe area, and I've never had a problem, but it’s totally at your own risk, of course. I'm not responsible for your car or its belongings.

Covid is spiking, is it possible to cancel/delay?

Totally get the concern, but the van has been reserved for you and those dates have been blocked off since your reservation. Unfortunately, covid spikes are a part of the world we now live in and I can't make exceptions to the cancellation policy that you agree to.

What should we do with the dirty sheets/towels/linens?

Please put all towels, blankets, sheets, and sleeping bag in the blue duffel and lock it in the roof box. Put your towels in the respective shower bag and also lock it into the roof box. 

Wait, I am supposed to bring the tank back full? You mean you don’t pay for my gas? 

Tank totally full, yes! Just as you received it, please. If you return the van with more than 1 gallon empty from the tank, you will incur a $25 refilling charge plus the cost of fuel refill. I don’t want to charge you; simply fill the tank completely within 1 mile of the return location and this won’t happen.

How do I lock up the van?

Please lock the van, put the keys in the lockbox, attach the lockbox to the rear passenger side roof rack, then scramble the code. Please face the lockbox inward so that it's as hidden as possible.

Do I need to wash the van before returning?

You don't need to take the van to a car wash unless something has caused it to become 'excessively' dirty. Examples would include lots of street tar stuck to the exterior, gobs of dirt in the carpet, piles of trash on the inside, mud in the doorjambs, etc. In cases like those, an 'excess cleaning fee' of $150 will apply. Our cleaning crew works really hard, but if something takes them a special effort, they need to be compensated for their time, supplies, and effort. Follow the steps at and you will more than likely be totally fine! When in doubt, give it a wash. 

Camper Features:

How tall is the vehicle? What’s the clearance? 

With the storage rack on top, it’s 8 foot 9 inches. Please don’t enter any garage or fast food area that doesn’t have at least a 9 foot clearance. 

What are the dimensions for the bed? 

The bed is 6’3” long and 47” wide. It’s perfect for two! Let me know when you’d like to book. 

Does it come with any kind of blankets or linens?

Yes! You will get a sleeping bag that can be converted into singles or a double bag. You’ll also get 2 pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blanket, and 2 towels. 

What do we do for heat if we get cold? 

We provide blankets and sleeping bags. If those aren't enough, simply turn on the vehicle and run the car’s heater. Consider bringing your own electric 12v blanket (with a cigarette lighter adapter). You can plug that into the electrical system. Unfortunately portable gas heaters aren’t an option due to the carbon monoxide danger. Consider driving to lower elevations for warmer temperatures.

How do we cool down if we get hot? 

We provide a portable fan and a ceiling fan is built into the roof of the van. If those aren't enough, simply turn on the vehicle and run the car’s a/c. Consider driving to higher altitude or closer to water for natural cooling!

Will the van function without being plugged in to shore power? The group is dry camping. No hook ups or services.

The van doesn’t have plugs, it runs on a 100w solar panel that charges the RV battery. 

A reminder, if you are dry camping, that dirt road travel is prohibited and will result in the loss of your security deposit.

Just to be prepared, should would anticipate the need to fill the 5gal water canister? 

You will start your trip with 5 gallons of purified drinking water. Please also return it full. To find purified water, please search ‘water’ in google maps and go to any Watermill Express or Glacier water dispenser. The back of most Walmarts also have filling stations. It costs $1.25-$2.00 to get 5 gallons of purified water. It's totally up to you how much water you will use.

Do you happen to have any access to bikes to take with? 

Unfortunately not. 

I want to confirm that there is an outdoor shower?

There is indeed an outdoor shower. It’s usb rechargeable powered and you can hang it anywhere you want 🙂

How does one keep private with the outside shower?

One must be comfortable wearing a swimsuit, finding a private place to park, or be comfortable with having someone else hold up a towel to cover one's privvies.

Is a GPS available?

I recommend you download your choice of Google Maps or and download the areas you will be driving through. The parks have surprisingly decent service, but GPS is not built into the vans.

Are the chairs in the picture included?

Yes. You get 2 camp chairs.

Are towels provided?

Yes, two towels and two hand towels are provided.

Is there any storage space that would hold luggage/sports equipment?

You can put them in the roof rack. PLEASE do not bring skis or boots into the van as they scratch the floors. 

Is there a toilet?

Just like you don’t want me pooping in your car, I don’t want you pooping in my car. No, there’s no toilet. 🙂 

Do you have a small tent? 

Unfortunately not. They’re cheap at Walmart, though, and REI is nearby with awesome tents 🙂 

Are there are usb plugs?

Each van has 8-10 USB plugs. There is also an inverter with 2 regular sized power plugs. 

Will we be able to run the refrigerator for the entire trip or would that drain the propane?

The fridge will run on battery power the whole time. It doesn't use propane. Solar and your driving recharges the battery, no problem. 

Will we drain the car battery if we run electronics at night? What if the car won’t start in the morning?

There are two separate batteries. The RV electronics don't operate on the car's battery, so no, you won’t run the second battery out by running fans or electronics in the evening. Please conserve electricity however as it's not an endless supply and you could discharge the RV battery.

Does it come with pot/pan/coffee maker, etc?

You will get a pot, pan, silverware, cooking utensils, bottle/wine opener, Aeropress coffee maker, salad bowl, plates, bowls, cups, and coffee cups.

What condiments will I get? Is there salt/pepper, etc? 

You will get salt and pepper, hot sauce, olive oil, instant coffee, and tea bags.

Is the cooler electric or will we need to buy ice?

The fridge is electric.

Is there an outdoor table?

There is a very small table but picnic tables are better. 🙂

What kind of gas does the car take?

Only unleaded gas, 87 grade or higher. Absolutely NO diesel.

How does electricity work? Do I get a generator?

Your van has a 100 watt solar panel that charges a battery that is separate from the car’s battery. There are 10 USB ports and 2 120volt sockets (regular USA wall plugs) throughout the van. The 400 watt inverter is plenty to charge a laptop and camera, but running a hair dryer or electric chainsaw is too much. Please don’t try either of those.

The A/C suddenly isn't blowing cold. What do I do?

There is a little snowflake icon button that needs to be pressed in and glowing for the a/c to blow cold. Press that button and it'll blow cold.

The van's dashboard says 'oil change required.' Is that true?

No. We change the oil/filter and rotate tires more than the recommended intervals. 

The oil change timer in the van's computer isn't sync'd with the actual oil changes, thus, not accurate. 

You can eliminate the message by following these steps:


Close all doors, gear set to park position.


Turn the ignition on. Don’t start the engine.


Fully press and release the gas pedal 3X within 10 seconds.


Turn off the ignition. If fail repeat the procedure.

How long does the stove fuel last?

You get two new butane canisters, plus whatever is left in the stove's current canister. If you are efficient and boil low levels of water in the kettle, one canister will last a week. If you cook 2/3 meals a day, a canister could only last a day or two. When I’m out camping, I just boil a kettle for coffee in the morning and then moderate use in evening for dinner and one canister lasts me 3-5 days. Additional butane canisters are available at most camping stores and Walmarts.

Who makes these awesome converted camper vans?

The shell is a Ram Promaster City. The interior build is designed and built by Cascade Campers in Nevada City, CA. We add the stuff on the roof, additional shelving, and all accessories.

Travel Advice:

 Where do you recommend I go/sleep/camp/eat/do for fun?

Your itinerary and campground bookings are up to you. I highly recommend using the apps Campendium, The Dyrt, AllTrails, and to plan your trip. 

Where should we camp? How much is campsite parking? 

I highly recommend downloading and using the “Campendium” app to check campgrounds... your preference of price and amenities is going to be up to you. You do not need electrical hookups, so you can book a tent spot at your campground without issue. 

What’s up with the no dirt road policy? You serious, bro?

Yeah, I’m serious about this one… these vans do not have the clearance for desert gravel, dirt, graded, or any other kind of non-paved roads, even if they appear leveled. Insurance won’t cover you on dirt roads. Roadside assistance won’t help you in the case of a flat or mechanical issue. I don’t want the rock chips that come from dirt roads.  I don’t want to charge you for the maintenance and repairs that inevitably come from it.  I don’t want to have to charge you extra for cleaning dirt from the doorjambs. You can drive LESS than 1/4 mile to and from a campground at under 10mph, but any more than this and you WILL lose your security deposit. Desert roads are notorious for massive potholes and washboards that have already caused thousands of dollars of damage to my vans. Therefore, if your trip won’t be complete without your traveling down a dirt road for whatever reason, rent a 4x4 or ATV. You’ll have more fun and won’t lose your security deposit. I don’t want to have to charge you, but I will do so if you take my vehicle off of paved roads. 

What is the weather like at that time? Is too cold/hot/wet/snowy/dry to do what I want to do?

Much to my dismay, there’s no way I can predict the weather. You’ll have to check averages for that time of year at the places you’re planning on heading to and make an informed decision. 

Can we park anywhere overnight or are there restrictions?

That totally depends on where you travel to and the rules/laws of where you go. You’ll need to research. I recommend Using the Campendium app to find campgrounds. Please note that dirt road travel is not allowed. 

We would be flying into Las Vegas and then be camping on BLM land / dry camping. Is this type of trip okay with your van?

Hi there! BLM land is ok, but I don’t allow dirt road travel, so it kind of depends on your plans! Otherwise happy to send you on your adventure 🙂

We would like to get outside the city to camp and REALLY see the night sky in its glory. Where would you recommend we go for this? 

Depends on how far you’re willing to drive! Death Valley, northern Nevada, southern Utah, and Arizona all have wide open deserts, so it kind of depends on your preference of other things to see and do and how far you are willing to go 🙂

Still have a question? Pease message us via the Outdoorsy app.

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