Las Vegas camper van rental Travel Guide & Itinerary

Complete Guide to the Best Stuff for Vanlifers to do Near Las Vegas, NV

Here’s a 3-day itinerary for your Las Vegas camper van rental.

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Overview of Las Vegas Classic Outdoors

Las Vegas is an epic hub for outdoor activities. You could spend a month within a 100-mile radius of the airport and still not see it all. In fact, that's why Outdoor magazine consistently rates it as one of the best Outdoor adventure towns in America. In fact, climbing legend Alex Honnold made his home here, mostly for the rock climbing access and great airport combo. 

With that said, this guide will give you the three most popular outdoor locations near to Sin City. Here you'll find a three-day van life camping itinerary for your one-of-a-kind outdoor Las Vegas trip.

Day One: Red Rock Canyon

Explore the bright red sandstone cliffs right outside of Vegas!

Suppose you are looking for an extraordinary trip to view the city's lights. At the same time, you are still connected with nature, well. In that case, the Red Rock Canyon must be for you.

The Red Rock Canyon is located in the Mojave Desert in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its breathtaking red sandstones and historical native American writings curved in these stones will surely make you amazed.

Red Rock Canyon is a good local place to be away from the city. You can visit it with just 30 minutes to an hour drive using your camper van.

If you plan and look for campsites, Red Rock Canyon Campground is open for camper van users. Take note that the Red Rock Canyon campsite is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure to be ahead of time. The campgrounds are estimated to be around 20 US dollars per night. You can also bring your little furry friends to your travel as they are animal-friendly campsites.

The Red Rock Canyon offers a wide range of things and fun activities that you may enjoy while you are there. Here are some ideal things to do at the Red Rock Canyon.

* Pave your way through the famous scenic drive

When you go to the Red Rock Canyon, make sure to drive through the 13-mile scenic drive route. Here you can have a breathtaking view of the Red Rock Canyon trails. Make sure to seize the moment and admire the beauty of the scenic drive route.

* Hiking in the Calico Tank

Red Rock Canyon can offer a lot of trails that you can hike, but nothing compares to the Calico trails. The scenic drive can be an entrance for you to the Calico Hills. You may stop over to the scenic drive and climb your way up to the 2.2 mi Calico hills. The 1 to 3 hours hike is definitely worth it as you can view the whole city.

* Hiking in the Ice Box Canyon

Another best hike of the Red Rock Canyon is in the Ice Box Canyon. It is also 2.2 mi and known for its cool breeze area. However, the Ice Box Canyon may be more tricky to climb off as it has a rocky surface. This hike might take up to 2 hours to reach the peak.

Day Two: Lake Mead & Hoover Dam

It's time to see the largest man-made lake in the USA!

With all the breathtaking hikes mentioned above, you can also relax and end your trip to soak in the calm waters of Lake Mead.

Lake Mead is known to be one of the enormous artificial lakes in the world. Lake Mead also has a wide range of campsites to choose from. We list down below all these campgrounds by Lake Mead.

* Boulder Beach Campground

If you are looking for a campsite with a great view, this might be for you. They offer almost a complete facility from having a WiFi, picnic area, and rent their boats.

* Las Vegas Bay Campground

You can enjoy different fun activities here like fishing and kayaking. However, this campsite is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Their location is at the Lake Mead west side.

* Lake Mead RV Village

This campsite is a private property where you can ensure the security of your camping van. It offers different services like a hot shower, laundry and picnic area, WiFi, and a playground for your kids.

Day Three: Valley of Fire

Enjoy the scenery of the Valley of Fire. Some find this place more beautiful than Red Rock and Zion.

You can also visit the beautiful trails of the White Domes Hike. It is a white rock and sandstone formation. When you reach the peak of the White Domes, you will be welcomed with its staggering scenery. The White Domes Hike is a 1.1 miles trip. Short, but absolutely beautiful.

The Valley of Fire offers a first-come, first-serve basis campsite to the campers who use a camping van. They have a total of 73 campsites available to you and three camping areas for group visitors who wish to have an overnight stay at the Valley of Fire.

The valley of Fire charges 10 US dollars worth of parking fee for the day and 20 US dollars for overnight parking. If you wish to use their utilities and other services, you may pay an additional 10 US dollars.

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