Lake Mohave, Tecopa Hot Springs, Mt. Charleston, Lehman Caves, & Great Basin National Park camper van rental Travel Guide & Itinerary

Complete Guide to the Best Las Vegas Hidden Gems for Camper Van Renters

Here’s a 3-day itinerary for your Las Vegas camper van rental.

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Overview of Las Vegas' Hidden Gems

Ready to get out of Sin City and see some sights that not many travelers get to see... or even know about? 

These are our favorite 'off the beaten path' adventures surrounding Las Vegas.

You’re just a road trip away from snow-covered mountain peaks, natural hot springs, evergreen-coated mountain ranges, and prehistoric caves. All you need is a van and a plan.  

Note that vans rented from VegasCampers cannot be operated on unpaved roads. Please plan accordingly! 

With that said, here are our 5 favorite 'hidden gems' surrounding Las Vegas.

Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave is a unique desert oasis between Nevada and Arizona, surrounded by rugged mountains and canyons. 

The manmade lake is a reservoir on the Colorado River, and a popular spot for fishing, scuba diving, and boating. The emerald waters make for an awesome swimming spot.

Camping is available at Cottonwood Cove and Katherine’s Landing. 

Distance from Vegas: 100 miles southeast 
Drive time from Vegas: 1 hour 50 minutes 

Tecopa Hot Springs

Soak out your troubles in the middle of nowhere.

If you want to truly go to the middle of nowhere, Tecopa, California is a tiny desert town where people go to get away from it all. Take a dip in naturally heated mineral water springs or soak in mud baths just outside Death Valley National Park. Expect nudity (and perhaps some strange looks if you aren't also nude).

If you do want to venture into civilization, Tecopa is home to a growing foodie scene and microbreweries. On the way, visit Parhump, a growing producer of some great wines.

Camping is available at Tecopa Hot Springs Resort, Tecopa Hot Springs Campground, and Delight’s Hot Springs Resort. 

Distance from Vegas: 85 miles west
Drive time from Vegas: 1.5 hours

Mount Charleston

Escape the desert heat in the evergreen forests of the Spring Mountains surrounding the 11,916-foot Mount Charleston. 

With more than 60 miles of hiking trails, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Seasonal waterfalls, huge limestone cliffs, a small ski resort, and ski-town vibes, this place is an awesome way to get out of the heat or enjoy the snow.

Spring Mountains National Recreation Area has several camping options, both free and paid.

Distance from Vegas: 39 miles west 

Drive time from Vegas: 45 minutes 

Lehman Caves

You're going underground!

Explore the rich subterranean world lurking beneath Great Basin National Park with a tour of Lehman Caves. You’ll see hundreds of limestone cave formations and rare species.

Camping is available at Upper Lehman Creek Campground and Lower Lehman Creek Campground. 

Distance from Vegas: 297 miles north

Drive time from Vegas: 4.5 hours

Great Basin National Park

Other recommended, google-able tromps:

There’s even more to do aboveground at Great Basin National Park. Take a 12-mile drive along Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, hike more than 20 trails, climb Wheeler Peak, and stargaze under one of the darkest skies in the U.S. 

Great Basin National Park has several campgrounds to choose from. 

Distance from Vegas: 300 miles north

Drive time from Vegas: 4 hours 50 minutes 

Trying to camp at all five destinations? 

We love to see it. 

If you follow this list in order, you’ll be on the road for a total of 1,007 miles - starting and ending in Las Vegas. Total drive time is about 17 hours.

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