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Knowing this stuff helps keep you safe, me happy, and prevents unwanted charges.
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Enter the name on your reservation and the email address we should send the lockbox code.

Where should you store your suitcase(s)?

What 4 things should I check every single time before I drive?

What are the correct steps to avoid damaging the couch/bed?

When it comes to dirt roads (the vans are tracked by GPS and motion detectors)

What's the correct order of steps for filling the water jug?

The roof box could fly open IF:

The curtains open and close properly by:

The van is tall and sits low to the ground. That means I should always:

There's a butane stove, which means there's a flame which creates carbon monoxide. That means, to be safe, I should

To charge my items I should

If I want to use the awning:

In the unfortunate case of an accident or damage, I will:

When returning the van I should:

What should I do if I have a question?

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