When planning your first trip with a Las Vegas Camper Van Rental, there are some rookie mistakes that many first-time campers make. Gathering on the wisdom of this long list of adventurers, here is a brief list of things to avoid doing when going camping for the first time:

Trying to see too much

By far, the biggest mistake made by camper van renters is trying to see too much in too short of a timeframe. Do you want to see the inside of a vehicle and interstates or do you want to see the national parks and natural wonders? Renters who want to cover hundreds of miles per day are, in effect, signing up to spend hours and hours driving every day. Not only is that expensive, but you’ll miss the sights at each national park.

The best was to experience the national parks is to slow down. Set up camp and then use your camp as a base for a few days while exploring a park.

You’ll enjoy yourself so much more by spending 3 days in any one national park vs. ‘seeing’ 3 parks in 3 days.

Renting Too Big of an RV

Choosing the right camping van depends on your needs; how many people are in your group, what route are you taking, etc. There are three main classes of camping vans: A, B, and C; A being the largest, C being middle-sized, and B being the smallest.

First-time campers tend to go all-out. In an effort to make sure everything is perfect, they go for the bigger is a better formula and choose class A vans. This is where they make the first misstep. Bigger camping vans are harder to drive, difficult to maneuver, and require special parking skills. That’s exactly why we offer small, easy-to-drive camper vans. They’re the perfect solution for all beginner renters through our vans by balancing space and comfort.


In the excitement for a trip and while wishing to be fully prepared, many rv renters over-pack and bring WAY too much stuff. Remember that you are traveling in a small space. The less you bring, the more comfortable you will be. It is very easy to stop at a laundromat; it is not easy to manage piles of extra stuff that you won’t use anyway. Pack light. Our campers have much of what you’ll need anyway, and you can always buy an extra something-or-other while on the road. Carrying too much stuff can suffocate you in an overflowing van interior, which takes its mental toll on the long trip. Pack what you need but learn the difference between need and luxury. Extra socks and underwear, yes, but not ten changes of clothing.

Not Reserving Campgrounds in Advance

Having a vague idea of visiting the Hoover dam, spending a few nights near the hot springs in Utah, or camping in the beautiful Zion National Park sounds like absolute fun until you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere because you can’t find a camping site, or you booked a camping site, but you had no idea that you won’t have cell phone coverage.

Here are a few things that are useful to remember BEFORE you are on your way:

  • Download all maps; a lot of camping areas and routes have crappy cell phone coverage. It is also a good idea to carry paper maps just in case.
  • Research RV-friendly routes; don’t just rely on google maps. Not all roads are RV-friendly. You might find yourself staring at a tunnel because your van is too high, and now you have to find an alternate route. However, you won’t have this problem with Las Vegas Camper Van Rental because our vans are smaller and usually have enough top and side clearance, and can also fit into most parking spaces.
  • Pre-book your campsite; bookings can start as early as 6 months -1 yr prior. Sometimes it’s fun to wing it; after all, that’s half the fun of a camping trip. But don’t rely on happenstance for every single night of your trip. You don’t want to end up on the side of the road because all sites were filled up.
  • Plan your stops so that you reach your camping ground and set up camp during daylight – you don’t want to blunder around with flashlights or camp on a nest of ants because of the dark. Make sure that there isn’t more than an 8-hour drive between your planned overnight stops.

Las Vegas Camper Van Rental provides detailed travel guides that can help you choose locations and plan each day of the trip with locations to park your camping van.

Not Packing The Right Stuff

We’re not talking about toothbrushes here. All first-time (and returning) customers at Las Vegas camper van rentals will find that our vans are equipped with all the basic supplies, like emergency lights, kitchen utensils, bed linens, and even camping chairs.

  • Pick up some prepped food when you can, just in case there are any hiccups on the road. On the same note, pack snacks. Munchies are lifesavers on long routes. Also, you might note that while planning on buying food from restaurants, you may not find a parking space for your camping van.
  • Pack a toolkit for basic repairs. This is basic road safety. Our vans are well maintained and in top condition, but accidents can happen anywhere, and it’s better to be prepared for any eventuality.
  • ALWAYS carry freshwater for drinking and cooking.
  • Pack camping equipment. This may seem obvious to some, but others do not realize that even with a camping van, there might be days when you want to spend the night under the stars and cook food on a campfire. Pack matches and fire starters.
  • Pack mosquito repellants and bear sprays
  • Pack a bear-safe storage container. You never know if you’ll find one on the camping site.
  • Pack garbage bags and Tupperware for storing leftovers. Did you know the smell of food can attract small animals that can absolutely trash your campsite while you’re off hiking? Well, now you do. Avoid that eventuality with air-tight containers, which prevent the aroma from spreading.

Being among the best Las Vegas camping van rentals, our vans allow you plenty of space up top for storing all your supplies.

Not Studying the Training Videos & Guidebook

Energy is valuable while traveling. When you’re in your bed at the end of a long day of driving because you knew how the convertible bed worked, full belly with the food you cooked because you knew how the stove worked, you’ll be much more comfortable than if you were struggling to figure those things out! Thoroughly learn how each part of the van and equipment functions before your trip starts!

Not Choosing Level Ground for Parking

Do not underestimate the value of flat ground. Choose a level area to park so that you can sleep comfortably and all your stuff does not roll and collect in one spot. Not to mention the problems in cooking and showering that you can face in a tilted van.

Not Taking Care Of Mother Earth

Spending days in the wilderness rejuvenates your connection to the outdoors, refreshes your body, and helps you appreciate the wonders of nature. It’s vital to make sure that you don’t extract a toll from nature for this gift. Beginner campers often do not realize the importance of camping rules. We would request all are returning and beginner Las Vegas Camper Van Rental customers to do their best in following these rules and preserving the campsites for future campers.

  • Leave no trace:
    Pick up all your trash, yes, but also make sure that you disturb the as little area as
    possible. Watch out for nests and avoid breaking foliage unnecessarily.
  • Follow fire bans
    Fires can be disastrous in the summer with dry wood all around. Check if fires are allowed before risking it.

Final Thoughts

Remember that you are on the road because you want to unwind and relax. Keep this in mind while planning and enjoying your trip. Do not try to do it all, running from one tourist spot to another. Choose a few manageable locations and enjoy those as thoroughly as you can. Make sure that you don’t end up on the road all day. Plan breaks so that you can enjoy your journey and not just the ending. Visit us at vegascampers.com to find the best Las Vegas camper van rental.