Las Vegas is situated in a basin on the floor of the desert. It is surrounded by mountains and deserts. It is the largest city in the Mojave Desert. This city is internationally known for its fun, entertainment, fine dining, shopping, and nightlife.

Las Vegas is wildly popular with tourists as it is considered the fun and entertainment capital of the world. You will find Las Vegas at the top of the list of most visited tourist destinations.

You can go to Las Vegas by road and by air. The city has many highways leasing in and out of it. Driving in the city is easy . You can also use rental vans here to enjoy your trip.

Here we give you the list of top companies who offer Las Vegas camper van rentals.

Of course, we here at VegasCampers believe that we offer the best services for one and two person Las Vegas camper van rentals. It is best for your adventurous journey. Vegas campers are perfect for long road trips.

Vegas campers has 9 vans; you can select according to your choice. You need to arrive at the pickup location and grab the keys from the lockbox. You are all set to start your memorable tour.

Vegas campers’ rental vans provide you with many amenities. Some of the key features and amenities are mentioned below. Amenities may differ from van to van.

  • Everything is included in Vegas Campers’ best campervan rental except food, camera, toothbrush, and hiking boots.
  • You will get a sleeping bag (you can convert to either a single or a double). Blankets, towels, sheets, and pillows are also yours.
  • You will also get cookware, stove, dishes, cutlery, coffee maker, mugs, plates, corkscrew, can opener, cups, plates, and many more.
  • You will be happy to know that there are 5 gallons of water storage, a sink, a freezer, clothing storage, and bins for dry food.
  • In camper vans, there are 100-watt solar panels that charge a separate battery.  There are eight USB ports and two 120v standard wall plugs.
  • A portable shower and Lawn chairs are also included.
  • Cooking oil, salt, pepper, paper towel roll, stove fuel, first aid kit, can opener, dish soap, hand soap, sponge, cleaning spray, 4 instant coffee packets, 4 tea bags, and many more are also included for your trip.

Remember that no dirt road driving is permitted as these are not off-road vehicles.

We believe we offer singles are couples the best bang for your buck as you’ll not only get more amenities than any other company, but you will also get a nicer vehicle that gets far superior gas mileage.

Escape Campervans

Escape campervans provide services in different cities, including  Las Vegas. Escape campervans are best suited for couples and small groups. Escape campervans have drop-off locations all over the United States, and even if you are heading towards Canada, you can drop off your van in Calgary.

Escape campers have five custom campers for the trip. Each camper comes with a sink, stove, refrigerator, and many other things you may need on your journey.

The one thing to remember is that certain vans are not available at specific pickup points. So make sure to contact the providers before proceeding.

Travelers Autobarn

Travelers Autobarn also provides you with different pickup and drop-off locations. It is best suited for couples and friends traveling together. It is best for those who want to take long road trips throughout the states after visiting Las Vegas.

Travelers Autobarn offers free unlimited miles with all rentals, which makes it budget-friendly.

Travellers Autobarn has 3 different campervans available for road trips and they are all 2-3 berths. Each van has been built well and comes with a refrigerator, sink, and microwave.

Cruise America

Cruise America has 1127 pick-up and drop-off locations in the whole United States, along with Las Vegas. Any type of traveler can use their services and will find the perfect one. Cruise America is one of the best rental companies in the states, with a variety of locations nationwide and even in Canada, which makes it perfect for a road trip.

Cruise America has five different options available for your trip. You can select according to your needs and convenience. Mostly, the range of these rental vans is 3 to 7 people.

 Different vans may have different features according to the rentals. General amenities include an air conditioner, a shower and toilet, a gas stove, and a refrigerator. Besides, these camper vans come with everything you may need on your trip. Camper vans are also available in different sizes.


This company provides more unique campervan rentals in Las Vegas. It offers tourists the chance to explore and enjoy Las Vegas in compact micro RVs. It’s best for those people who are afraid of driving large vehicles.

Their vehicles are easy to handle and drive, and on the other hand, you are also saving money on gas.

This company has 2 vehicles available for rental purposes. The first one is the Lil’ RV Trailblazer, and the second one is the Wavefarer. Both vehicles are small, but they come with different amenities, including a gas stove, a refrigerator, a sink, and a double bed.

Road Bear

Road Bear has different pickup and drop-off locations along with Las Vegas. It is a luxury RV rental in Las Vegas. It is perfect for those who are looking for luxurious vehicles for travel. They have vast experience in this industry and they guarantee the latest model with every rental.

This company has different options for you to choose your rental van. The smallest camper they offer is a Class B camper, and n the other hand, the most expensive ones are Class X and Class A rentals. These vans are not only incredibly spacious but also come with a TV, Stove, refrigerator, and many more.


Las Vegas, with its captivating blend of natural beauty and man-made wonders, beckons travelers to embark on a unique and unforgettable journey. This desert oasis, framed by the rugged majesty of the Mojave Desert, offers an unparalleled setting for exploration. Whether you’re drawn to the glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, the tranquility of desert landscapes, or the grandeur of nearby mountain ranges, Las Vegas caters to every traveler’s desires. Camper van rental companies such as Vegas Campers, Escape Campervans, Travelers Autobarn, Cruise America, Lil’RV, Road Bear, and Britz Campervan Rentals provide the means to elevate your adventure, offering freedom, comfort, and flexibility like no other. So, whether you’re a solo wanderer, a couple seeking romance, or a group of friends craving unforgettable memories, Las Vegas and its camper van rentals await with open arms—a canvas for you to paint your own story of exploration, discovery, and the joys of the open road.